5 Ways to Make Your Daily Commute Better

If you live in a big city or have a long commute, whether you get behind the wheel and drive or hop on a
bus or train or stuck bumper to bumper in morning rush hour. it is just something to do to get to work on
a daily basis.There are lots of ways that make your commute to work for more enjoyable and good. Here
are some great ways to make morning more pleasant. Here are five suggestions.


If your are driving in Urban traffic, relaxing may seems impossible. Driving and working can be stressful that may cause dangerous effects on mood and productivity.

If you are feeling stressed while driving, take a deep breaths and keeping your body loose can help limit
stress.To reduce stress a little bit of music can help elevate your mood, lower stress and calm the body. Play your favourite list or turn on the radio to unwind.

To make this commute relaxing ,self caring, and entertaining, pick a music to accompany your drive.

Avoid the Rush Hour

Rush Hour traffic is absolutely the worst.If possible avoid the rush hour, a good tip is to get earlier start, try out to take different time and take back roads with less traffic.Take different route as some roads are just terrible. Take alternate routes or check Google maps or ask a coworker. This may make your commute a bit longer and but it will reduce the stress that your experience and suffer daily.

Switch to Public Transportation

In the state, for everyone public transportation is not a solution. Areas such as rural and suburban often don’t have proper and convenient public transportation. However, living in a big city, riding the bus or taking the subway, you can read a book, watch online videos or you can chat with your commute partner.

Public transportation also helps in reducing stress in bad weather, it may take longer to get home in bad weather but you can let the professional to do the driving.

Use Your Time wisely

Travelling by car, bus or train, find the ways that you can use your time wisely by listening to musics, reading the news, watching videos and following up on the latest social media happening, singing your music or booking your next trip abroad. Commute journey improves your skill, reduce the stress and catch a task that you wouldn’t otherwise find time for.

Control Your Road Rage

Anger is somewhere in the middle and rage is all the way at the top. Throughout the day irritation and annoyance can build ignite especially sharing the road with reckless drivers like someone cutting us off in traffic, which cause rage. On the road, physical threats attacks on our egos like car passing us because we are too slow which feels insulting.
When you feel your blood boiling, count to 10 before mouthing every single swear word under the sun, give you time to relax and push passed the situation.

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