CPEC and Employment Opportunities for youth in Pakistan

CPEC is a partnership project between Pakistan and China that is currently under construction. The vaule of this project is $62 billion. CPEC will help Pakistan economy by constructing modern transportation network. Some operations of CPEC are partially started. CPEC will be the trade route from Gawadar to China by road. According to Pakistan CPEC will create 2.3 million jobs. The main missions of CPEC are Special Economic Zones, energy production, Mass transit. A network of railways and highways will be constructed for this project in Pakistan. This will help to develop the highway and roads infrastructure of Pakistan.

There was an event organized by Air University for CPEC career summit. In Pakistan there are mostly youngsters. According to a database 64% of the population of Pakistan is less then 29 years age and 30% are between 15-29 years. These people are actively searching for jobs and employment opportunities for them selves. There is a need of improving education quality and skills so these people can meet the requirement of job market.

For to good and promising future in Pakistan 50 million children go to school everyday. 1.6 million are the ones that are looking for their first job. There is a need of economic growth in Pakistan to balance the employment market.

CPEC is valued at $59 billion. This $59 billion will be used in building roads and railway tracks, energy generation, development of Gwadar city and development of SEZ. The development of this project will increase the employment opportunities for the people who are looking for jobs. Energy projects will help the economy and industries that requires energy.

At this event it was decided to connect the people who are looking for jobs with employment opportunities. CPEC needs people who are highly skilled and there is a need of improving the skills of Pakistan youth. These projects by CPEC will enable many employment opportunities once people learn the right skills these employment opportunities will open for them.

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