Future Products Of NTS

In 2002 an organization called NTS is founded to conduct the test and assessment for private and government organizations. NTS conducts different type of tests to assess the academic quality of student. NTS is constantly working hard to improve their testing service. NTS headquarter is in Islamabad from where the control all other offices and testing service around the Pakistan. NTS is providing international standard testing and assessment service for university admissions and job seeking purpose which is recognized by many foreign countries. NTS is so popular in Pakistan if you are a student from Pakistan once in a life time you have to give this test for admission or job purpose. University admissions are conduct through NAT and for higher studies like master GAT is conducted. These are two types of NTS test. To apply on NTS test you have to register on their website. There is a small fee of NTS test that is deposit in the bank. NTS official website publish government jobs on daily basis and they are also publishing jobs in newspapers. Brigadier (R) Dr. Tayyab Akram is appointed as CEO of National Testing Service. NTS is merit base and conducts transparent tests. NTS has completed its 17 years. In these years like every other organization NTS has also faced criticism. But they are constantly improving themselves. NTS tests are mcqs based and they have different paper patterns. If you are an average student you can pass the exam by doing preparation. After the test NTS announce the result on their website which can be checked by student.

NTS is constantly evolving and developing new products. After expanding their service following are the future products of the organization:

Vocabulary, Syntax, and Logic Evaluation

NTS has adopted the technology and developed computed application called NTS E-rater. The application checked the answers on vocabulary, syntax, and logic.

Verbal and Mathematical Skills Tests

For levels like primary and higher education NTS is creating new testing service like SAT-I. It will evaluate verbal and mathematical skills of a student.

English Language Proficiency Tests

As the importance of English language is increasing day by day. Therefore, NTS is also developed testing service to check the English skills for the students. It will help students to get admissions and jobs in foreign countries. These tests will compete IELTS and TOEFL.

Critical-Thinking Skills Testing

As we have already discuss NTS is using technology to improve the education quality in Pakistan. They are developing grammar school courses by using technology for critical-thinking skills. NTS is also developing an application for teachers this test will be used by 75% teachers of Pakistan.

These are the future products NTS is creating and they will be used in Pakistan soon. These products will also helps in improving the education and evaluating process in Pakistan.

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