Regional Energy Efficiency Centers

Energy Efficiency Centers in many developed and developing countries have been playing an important role in improving energy efficiency on the demand as well as supply side. Such Centers normally support the development of energy efficiency solutions and stimulate transfer of technology into marketplace. The Centers also serve as an information resource for general public, business enterprises, research community, utilities, government policy making bodies, etc.

In India, dissemination of energy efficiency information, transfer of technical know how and demonstration of newer techniques and technologies among energy end-users are quite critical in reducing energy intensiveness of the economy. ECO-III Project with USAID/APP funding, is establishing three Regional Energy Efficiency Centers (REECs) in India keeping in view the Energy Conservation Act, 2001 and programs of Bureau of Energy Efficiency.


  • Enhance energy efficiency awareness and education among energy end-users
  • Facilitate showcasing and demonstration of energy efficient products and technologies
  • Promote development of energy efficient technologies
  • Catalyze development and growth of energy efficiency market in the country
  • Encourage research and interdisciplinary collaboration on energy efficiency


  • ECO-III has supported the establishment of three REECs (CEPT for Energy Efficiency in Buildings, WBREDA for Energy Efficiency in Home Appliances and SEE-Tech for Energy Efficiency in Small and Medium Industries).
  • All three REECs have started functioning actively and are proving to be good models of public private partnership in their establishment and functioning.
  • REECs have started providing advisory services to government agencies for improving energy efficiency in buildings and SMEs, and raising public awareness on efficient appliances, systems and practices.
  • A number of international and national agencies are recognizing the potential of the REECs, and are sponsoring special assignments to REECs.

Documentary Film on REECS

With support from the three REECs, ECO-III has developed a 20 minute documentary film – “Regional Energy Efficiency Centers – Transforming Knowledge to Efficient Practices”. The film includes a coverage of missions, goals and activities of the three REECs, and special interviews and messages from the USAID Mission Director and other senior officials from USAID; Director General – Bureau of Energy Efficiency; high level dignitaries from the state governments supporting the formation of REECs; leaders of organizations that are housing the REECs, as well as energy efficiency specialists in the private sector.

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  • Center for Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT)
  • West Bengal Renewable Energy Development Agency (WBREDA)
  • SEE-Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.