Society and Peer Pressure in Choosing Career

In Pakistan choosing the right career for students is not easy. Students don’t know which career they should choose to continue their studies. This is because in Pakistan parents have so much influence on their children. Parents and guardians choose the career for their children. Some children get the chance to decide the career for themselves if their parents are broad minded.

In desi parents mind the notable professions are Military, Doctor, Engineer, Teacher or Pilot. All other professions related to art are rejected by parents. They don’t allow their children to choose professions besides notable professions because they think their children can’t earn well and they will not get respect in the society.

In my opinion there should be a complete freedom to children to decide the career for themselves. Parents should allow their kids to choose any profession they like. If any one wants to become writer or actor, parents should encourage them. They should not force their children to choose the career of their choice.

Satisfaction is more important then earning in my opinion. I have seen many people that are earning good but they are not satisfied with their careers because they choose the career because of their parents and now they are unhappy with the things they do.

Fields to adopt:

As the technology is changing rapidly but they traditional education is still old school. Things are changing quickly and that’s why professions are also changing and the interests of youth are changed. Here I am sharing some tips for the parent, students and guardians about career selection. You can take a look and decide your career by looking at these tips.

If a student is interested in delivering message and have a good communication skill then he should choose a career where these skills are mandatory like Vlogging, sales and marketing, Lawyer, TV, Radio, teaching.

Some people are good in designing. They have creative mind and they are made for graphics designing, Interior designing, Textile designing and any field related to designing.

If you are interested in critical analysis then you should choose Mathematician, statistician, Aerospace Engineer, Financial Analyst, CA and field related to it.

If you are interested in solving life problem then you should choose entrepreneurship. You can change yours and others life by choosing entrepreneurship as a profession.

If you are interested in inventing and building new things then engineering is for you. You should choose engineering as your career. This is the right profession for you.

If you are interesting in construction then you should become architect or builder. These profession will help you to make good money and you will be satisfy with it.

If you are interested in science then you should choose to become doctor or physician. You can help other people by choosing these professions as your career.

If you love politics and have a dream to become leader then you should choose politics as your profession.

If you are interested in computers and informational technology then you should choose software engineering as your career an profession.

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